*ban Bans user and deletes last X days worth of messages.

*cleanup Deletes messages.

*editrole Edits roles settings

*filter Adds/removes words from filter

*hackban Preemptively bans user from the server

*ignore Adds servers/channels to ignorelist

*kick Kicks user.

*modset Manages server administration settings.

*mute Mutes user in the channel/server

*names Show previous names/nicknames of a user

*reason Lets you specify a reason for mod-log's cases

*rename Changes user's nickname

*softban Kicks the user, deleting 1 day worth of messages.

*unignore Removes servers/channels from ignorelist

*unmute Unmutes user in the channel/server

*banrole Bans all members with the specified role. Make sure the bot's role is higher in the role hierarchy

*unbanrole Unbans all users who had the specified role when they were banned

*addreact Add an auto reaction to a word

*delreact Delete an auto reaction to a word


*8 Ask 8 ball a question

*flip Flips a coin... or a user.

*lmgtfy Creates a lmgtfy link

*poll Starts/stops a poll

*roll Rolls random number (between 1 and user choice)

*rps Play rock paper scissors

*serverinfo Shows server's informations

*stopwatch Starts/stops stopwatch

*urban Urban Dictionary search

*userinfo Shows users's informations

*discomegle Chat with a random member of a server connected to this bot


*bank Bank operations

*leaderboard Server / global leaderboard

*payday Get some free credits

*payouts Shows slot machine payouts

*slot Play the slot machine

*buyroleset Manage buyrole

*buyrole Show roles that you can buy


audioset Audio settings.

*audiostat General stats on audio stuff.

*cache Cache management tools.

*local Local playlists commands

*pause Pauses the current song, `[p]resume` to continue.

*play Plays a link / searches and play

*playlist Playlist management/control.

*prev Goes back to the last song.

*queue Queues a song to play next song`

*repeat Toggles REPEAT

*resume Resumes a paused song or playlist

*shuffle Shuffles the current queue

*skip Skips a song, using the set threshold if the requester isn't

*song Info about the current song.

*stop Stops a currently playing song or playlist. CLEARS QUEUE.

*yt Searches and plays a video from YouTube


*rep Gives a reputation point to a designated player

*lvlset Profile Configuration Options

*lvladmin Admin Toggle Features

*profile Show your Profile

*lvlbadge Badge Configuration Options

*rank [user] Displays the rank of a user.